Kitul Syrup Loved
The Ancient Times Of Sri Lanka

Kitul of nectar syrup is to take from the inflorescence of (coconut palm peacock peacock) Kitul palm. Kitul palm in Sri Lanka and is called Kitul Pany, has been a traditional food as a sweetener from the past inhabiting the rainforest. As a precious gift from nature, cuisine, but widely used as a sweetener such as tea and desserts such as yogurt and ice cream today. Kitul overflowing spirit of the natural nectar syrup is also (in 100g) 74mg Vitamin B group is not to inositol other sweeteners, is recommended for more to worry about the blood sugar level. Is a very healthy 275 calories and less calories per 100g addition. You can also easily use this nectar to any meal soluble in nature, so hot in the ice.

Is a difficult state in Sri Lanka is to look for kitul syrup 100% pure. Since being sold as kitul put the sweetness of the syrup because sugar and other. kitul syrup for making 100% pure taste is real, has been manufacturing and marketing a 100% kitul syrup handed down from ancient times in the manufacturing process Pyaa hand and signed a contract farmer trust in people (Ceylon Kitul Institute) CKI. Please try a real taste of means.
It is made to care is a method of manufacturing from ancient times, from the formula that boil down in the firewood.

Ceylon Kitul Institute (pvt) ltd.
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Ceylon Kitul Institute (pvt) ltd.
Producing a pure, natural delicious Kitul syrup In the manufacturing method of the Ceylon Institute torr original key. Rated high quality and No1.

Ceylon Kitul Institute pvt ltl
No:206 Kandy road kadawata Sri Lanka
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Kitul syrup is the grace of Mother Nature
Not using any pesticide chemical fertilizers

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