Address: No206 Kandy Road Kadawatha
Kitul syrup (including sugar and jaggery are sold to the general ones Kitul syrup 100%)
○ Kitul jaggery
Mi-kiri (water buffalo yogurt, also known as card)
Fruit juices (Healthy juice is with Kitul syrup)
○ When you came in the travel and business trips to Sri Lanka according to the season and desserts such as coconut oil.

Shop & our factory was completed in Kandy from Colombo towards Kandy Road. The first floor of trees Kitle has enclose the ambient shop bright glass, the second floor, and factory offices and interior of the underlying white cleanliness in the sun, and to be loved by anyone .
Ceylon Kitul Institute
Ceylon Kitul Institute
Ceylon Kitul Institute
First Lady is our first customers of the shops.
  1. 2009.02.06 Kitul Syrup open specialty stores. Was completed in the new factory at the same time 2F.