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The official name of Sri Lanka, Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Independence from Britain in 1948, was changed to "Sri Lanka" from the "Ceylon" is the country in 1972. It was renamed the country this is, Shirimavu~o-Bandaranaike was the world's first female prime minister. Since then, women have led the Sri Lanka over a long period of time.

Capital, "Sri Jaya Pura Kotte Dana Walu Street" was performed in about 15 kilometers to the east from the center of Colombo. Island called Ceylon becomes the main territory, area, km approximately 66,000 square, that is, the size was so small round Hokkaido. Population, approximately 20 million people. The official language is recognized on the English Constitution, in Tamil have also been used in India and Sinhala.

And Sri Lanka, meaning "shining island" in Sinhalese. As its name suggests, a rich nature, around the island, beautiful coral reefs are present, also known as "The Pearl of the Indian Ocean." In addition, since Buddhism flourished as a kingdom from an old temple ruins and a number of remaining involved in Buddhism, there are many many places that are registered as a World Heritage Site. In addition, Sri Lanka, thanks to a rich natural environment, is known as an island of jewelry from ancient times, sapphire and ruby, and topaz are particularly proud of one of the world's leading yield.

In recent years, and the experience of Ayurveda, referred to as "the world's oldest healing technique", in a mild climate throughout the year, attracting attention from wave and wind surfers from that is stable, Sri Lanka from all over the world the increasing number of young people to visit. Rich natural and cultural diversity, it is the Sri Lanka.

Sep 11, 2010

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